The Growth Track is all about getting connected at River of Praise. These two short classes will help you understand what we're all about how you can jump right in! 


EVERY 2nd SUNDAY @ 11:00AM

Step 1 Will help guide you through the essential steps to living as a fully - devoted follower of Jesus, including the opportunity to be water baptized. Step 1 will introduce you to the story, beliefs and structure of River of praisE, and will also guide you to getting connected. 


EVery 4th Sunday @11:00AM

Step 2 will help you uncover how God has designed you and gifted you to make an impact in the world. In Step 2, you will join the dream team, which is made up of people just like you who are serving with purpose in their calling. There are many places to serve, and the Dream tEam is Ready for yOU!