June 15 - 17 (Fri-Sun)

River Kidz, get ready for an awesome fun time this summer at DISCOVERY CAMP!!

Discovery Camp resides on a 1,088-acre Christian retreat center and ministry headquarters located in Columbus, Texas. The campus includes housing for 1,100 campers, full recreational facilities and summer resident quarters for over 200 staff employees, interns, and ministry families. Three waterslides, go-carts, horses and age-appropriate activities will remind your group just how much fun it is to be a Christian. With over 200 staff and interns, the DC team love the campers and are committed to a safe and fun summer.

We are so excited for you to come with us to Discovery Camp this summer! We are going to have so much fun!


This includes:

- River Kidz Camp T-shirt

- Lodging

- Food

- Transportation

- Worship Services

- Activities

(Please note that some activities cost extra)

Rockwall - Ticket: $1

Super Archery - Ticket: $1

Go-Cart Ticket (Height requirement of 52 inches) - $3

Horse Ride Ticket - $6


- Pillow & Sleeping Bag or Blanket

- Toiletries

- Towel

- Extra Clothes (nice casual clothes for service)

- Bathing Suit (1 piece for girls)

- Extra Spending Money

- Sunscreen

- Bible