The Story

"The Cross of Tomball" was inspired and donated by Paula Whitaker. When her son Ryan passed away several years ago, Paula took a road trip around the US to get away from it all. She and her husband came across a beautiful giant cross and they were completely blown away! In that moment, God placed it on their hearts to build a cross in Tomball, Texas in honor of their son, Ryan and to serve as a light to the community. Ryan's main passion in life was to "help people", and what better way to help others than introduce them to the Jesus' love than the symbol of "The Cross"? Paula approached Pastors Richard and Amy Jennings with the idea, and together, made this dream a reality! We believe that "The Cross" will draw thousands to Jesus and be a sign to everyone that crosses the Grand Parkway that Tomball is a Christian town. "The Cross of Tomball" has already been the site for weddings, church services, baptisms, and prayer. We've seen many people drawn to the cross to lay down addictions and hurt. Our staff at River of Praise has also had many opportunities to lead others to Jesus, and when we asked them "how did you find yourself here", they replied "I just went to The Cross". We pray that "The Cross of Tomball" will bless you and the people of Tomball, and that everyone that sees it will know that God's love is BIG just like this Cross.